What Makes Champion Boards Unique?

Champion Boards is an advisory service for candidates for board roles. We help you prepare yourself to pursue board opportunities . . . intelligently.

When do you need help building a "champion board?"

As an entrepreneur . . .

  • when you want to accomplish something significant with your business idea.
  • when you decide you don't have all the answers yourself, but you want to stay in charge of asking the right questions.
  • When you need outside experience, and someone inside helping you tap that expertise.

As a corporation . . .

  • when you want diversity and inclusion programs to cease being tokenism.
  • When you need leadership training producing results of which you can be proud again,
  • when you're serious about tapping the potential of half of your senior management resources.

As a professional . . .

  • when you're ready to prepare yourself for the biggest challenge of your life
  • when you're ready to make a difference in corporate strategic leadership
  • when you're ready to sit at that leadership table -- as one of the best and the brightest.

What does Champion Boards do?

We provide three levels of knowledge resources and consulting services for the aspiring board candidate:

    Fundamentals . . . understanding the reality
    Developmental . . . mastering the concepts
    Strategic . . . envisioning your future


The Fundamental level deals with the "reality" that you need to face as a candidate for a board -- whether it be public or non-profit.

The slow pace, the discrimination, the tokenism -- these are the realities you need to incorporate into your thinking as you formulate the contributions you could make to boards of directors in the future.


The Developmental level deals with the tactical elements you need to address to prepare yourself for the changing framework of board of directors in the new economy.

Women, especially, represent a valuable resource for board serives: they constitute a majority of the employment base of our economy; a majority of the business and personal consumers; and are the individuals principally responsible for family financial investment and retirement decisions. What does it take for talented, competent professionals to take their place at the board room table?

  • do you know why a board exists?
  • do you know when boards succeed?
  • do you know how boards function?
  • do you know how boards get built?

Most importantly, are you aware of the changes brought about today by Sarbanes-Oxley and other contemporary regulatory proposals? Do you know where to go to get the information and knowledge that you need to address these and similar questions effectively?


The Strategic level works to ensure that your credentials are board-worthy.

  • do you have board-caliber education and training?
  • do you have board-relevant experience?
  • are you presenting yourself and your qualifications convincingly?
  • are you targeting the right boards?
  • are you doing the right due diligence about target boards?
  • are you positioned to make investments in your board future?
  • are you ready to negotiate the deal?
  • are you tapping the shoulders of the right people?

This stage develops your capabilities within an action plan based on goals that you set, consistent with your values and objectives.

Champion Boards has the information and knowledge resources that you need to prepare yourself to reach for the board opportunities as today's leadership-oriented woman.

Contact us at techplace@earthlink.net to determine the best level for you and how we can serve your current and future requirements:

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