Women CEOs of the Fortune 1000 -- 2008

#CEOCompanyF1000 Rank

1Angela F. BralyWellpoint33
2Patricia A. WoertzArcher Daniels Midland52
3Indra K. NooyiPepsiCo.59
4Irene B. RosenfeldKraft Foods63
5Carol MeyrowitzTJX132
6Mary F. SammonsRite Aid142
7Anne MulcahyXerox144
8Brenda C. BarnesSara Lee203
9Andrea JungAvon Products265
10Susan M. IveyReynolds American290
11Paula G. Rosput ReynoldsSafeco388
12Christina A. GoldWestern Union473

13Janet L. RobinsonNew York Times637
14Dorrit J. BernCharming Shoppes672
15Linda A. LangJack in the Box694
16Dona Davis YoungPhoenix756
17Constance H. LauHawaiian Electric Industries764
18Kerrii B. AndersonWendy's International781
19Kay KrillAnnTaylor Stores793
20Mary Agnes WilderotterCitizens Communications818
21Cindy B. TaylorOil State International872
22Anne StevensCarpenter Technology906
23Patricia GallupPC Connection945
24Peggy Y. FowlerPortland General Electric962

Source: April 21, 2008 Fortune Magazine
Bold names are new additions in 2008.

Off the Fortune 1000 list in 2008:

    Patricia F. Russo - Lucent Technologies
    Kathleen A. Ligocki - Tower Automotive
    Mary E. Burton - Zale
    Mary G. Berner - Reader's Digest Association
    Margaret C. Whitman (retired) - eBay

Also in the April issue, Fortune Magazine announced the number of firms in the two top tiers by state: the Fortune 500 firms and the Fortune 501 to 1,000 firms. The top 3 states in terms of all F1000 rankings are: Texas, California, and New York.

Just like last year, Texas was home to the most number of firms in both categories: 58 F500 firms and 55 F501-1000 firms, for a total of 113 firms on the Fortune 1000 list. California was second with 52 F500 firms and 51 F501-1000 firms, losing 1 firm from the second tier, with a total of 103 firms on the Fortune 1000 list. New York was third with 55 top tier (loss of 2), and 38 second tier firms (an increase of 1), or a total of 93 firms on the Fortune 1000 list.

It should be noted that Texas, since 2001, has added the most number of firms to the Fortune 1000 list: a total of 26 Texas-based firms. The only states that came anywhere close to this were New Jersey and Virginia, which added 6 each over the same period.